PSA Oxygen Plants

Skid Mounted

  • S PSA Technology
  • TWO stage PSA Cycle
  • Higher Purity
  • Less Power
  • No Regeneration Loss!
  • Less than 0.76Kw/Nm3/hr
  • Lowest power consumption challenged!
  • Dessicant type Dehumidifier & Cooling
  • MDD & European PharmaCopeia Certification
  • Advantages of Mentis M – SPSA SERIES Cost reduction
  • Non – stop Gas supply
  • True &Reliable Purity
  • Safety
  • Product Gas Quality

Containarised Option Available

  • Pre Insulated
  • Pre Wired
  • Pre Installed
  • False Flooring and Equipment Laid
  • Site Installtation in 4 Hours

Quality Certifications

PSA Oxygen Generation Plants

Please take into consideration the following technical aspects and advantages of our system.

  • All major components including the PSA Generator made in Europe
  • Oxygen purity up to 96%
  • World class and world renounced manufacturer & components
  • Easy availability of service and spares.
  • 48 Hrs Assured Service responsiblity anywhere in South India

Component Configuration (EUROPE)

Decant Station ( Cylinder Filling)

  • Upto 400 “D” Type Cylinders per day
  • High Pressure 250 bar – Booster System
  • Maximator Oxygen Booster Pumps – No.1 in the world
  • Purity, Flow & Pressure Guaranteed

Option Of Stand Alone Or With Decant

Synchronization panel HMI, DMS/DCS and PLC logic programming and digitalization