QSR & Ventilation

Kitchen Ventilation is the most tricky of the ventilation systems, as it involves smoke, heat, smell, moisture, oil & sparks, a perfect recipe for Fire!

We are Specialists in Ventilation, Kitchen and Pollution Control – Design, engineering, fabrication installation and commission of complete turnkey projects

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

Commercial kitchen ventilation is most complex subject which has a combination of heat, sparks, smoke, smell, moisture and OIL

We specialized in the design of KITCHEN VENTILATION covering in detail the following areas:

  • Hood Ventilation (Island Type & Canopy Type)
  • Maintaining Negative & Positive pressure inside the kitchen(Fresh/Make up air)
  • Cooled Fresh Air Ventilation
  • We can also do the complete Design Engineering, Fabrication, Supply, Installation, Commissioning of the complete ventilation system for Industrial Kitchens specifically for Star Hotels.
  • Combination Four in one Ventilation Fan(Exhaust Fan + Grease smoke Collector + Order Control + Fire trap device)
  • New Unbeleivable Kitchen exhaust fan….The Rotoclone!

Ecology Unit

Indoor Air Quality for Bars, Cafe, Kitchen & Discotheque. We can maintain a perfect balance of fresh air, pressure and Ionization level as clean and as fresh, you would feel in front of a greenery surrounded water falls! We do this by a method of Fusion/Combination self contain filtration units called “ECOLOGY UNITS”.

We offer complete Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Supply, Installation and Commission of ECOLOGY UNITS in the Following Combinations.

  • Fabric Filter + Carbon Filter + Deodorizer & Ionizer
  • Metallic Filter + Electro static Precipitator + Carbon Filter + Deodorizer & Ionizer
  • Self Cleaning type Ecology Unit:(Metallic Filter + Electro static precipitator + Deodorizer & Ionizer)

By which we can ensure 99.5% efficiency in most cases depending upon inlet dust laden and ambient conditions.

  • Ventilation (specifically Kitchen & Laundry Ventilation for star hotels)
  • Air conditioning, Indoor Air Quality & Pollution Control (Commercial& Industrial)
  • HVAC Maintenance (Hotels, Hospitals, Towers)
  • Clean Rooms (Hospital and Industrial Manufacturing)
  • Refrigeration (Cold Rooms, refrigerated Cabinets and storages, Merchandising coolers)

We do the complete turnkye instalaltion of commercial Kitchens:

In association with our principals :

  • Kitchen Hood / Ducting & Fresh Air for Kitchen
  • Rotary & Deck Ovens
  • Combi Ovens
  • Meat Chillers, Table Top Chillers / Freezers
  • Walk In Chillers & Freezers
  • Deep Freezers / Chillers / Visi Coolers
  • Boilers / Steamers / Bulk Cookers / Roti Makers
  • All of the above are available in Electric & Gas versions

Deck Oven

Comme Oven

Rotary Oven

Fryer Oven

Fire Suppression Systems

We under take fire fighting, fire suppression, fire alarm and fire hydrant systems.

Pollution Control & Dust Collectors

We are specialist supplier/ contractor of Air pollution Control Equipment and Systems to the Pharma / Wood / Steel/Cement Industry . We have recently started operating from this Chennai office catering to South India. We have a local presence with a manufacturing facility in Chennai, TN, which brings us closer to our customers in this region by way of efficient and quicker service.

We undertake Dry Fabric filters, filter bags and Bag houses. We also do catrdige collectors, wet collectors and Electrostatic Precipitators. We also stock and sell a huge number of spares like filter bags, venturies, soleniod valves, DP switchs, DP controllers and Fans.

Tools & Tackles (page)

  • Add : Vacuum / Pressure Pumps / TIG/MIG/ARC welding equipment
  • Air Compressors
  • Man Lifts / Working at Height Equipment
  • Add Photos as suit from net