Quality Policy

Quality is monitored at every stage of the process.

  • Quality & Testing has been the forefront of Promace Engineers evolution, progress and success.
  • Quality & Testing are inseparable. Quality has been a way of life at Promace Engineers right from procurement of raw materials up to the delivery of finished goods and commissioning.
  • In cold rooms, our quality standards are stringent & adhere or surpass most international standards, codes &practices. In the cold room & clean room sector, we strictly follow ASHRAE / AHRI/ EURO VENT standards & specifications.
  • In the clean room division, we cater to operation theatres and commercial application such as Pharma. In this sector, we 100% comply with FDA & NABH standards &Specifications.We ensure NABH accreditations for all the jobs we execute.
  • In PEB, we follow National and International codes relevant to design, manufacture, installations and execution. Our PEB design follows the latest MBMA, IBC as well as IS codes.
  • We have an efficient and responsive after sales team, who ensure that every single service request is satisfactorily completed within a time specific target.

Safety Policy

  • Quality is monitored at every stage of the process.
  • We have NEBOSH certified engineers on board and they ensure that the best safety policies & practices are followed & executed on & off site.
  • Continuous emphasis on training is suitable adopted for HSE related topics for the concerned people to execute their work safety.
  • Promace Engineers adopts a very strict and stringent approach towards safety of its and other workers, equipment and machinery inside our works and on site.
  • There are instructions and rules and regulations issued and followed regarding crane & forklift operation, lifting, working at heights and operation of machinery. We follow British standards of safety and Safety passports are issued only after each personnel pass and follow prevailing International Safety standards.

Environment Policy

  • Promace Engineers has a responsible Social and Environment policy. Being closely associated with the pollution control industry, we have great care for the environment.
  • We have a great concern for the depleting Ozone layer and we encourage our clients to use environmentally friendly gases such as R134, R404 & R407C.
  • We also have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) guideline and is strictly adhered to.
  • Promace Engineers has continuous policy of research and development and also greatly invests in human and technological advancements and resources.