Air Conditioning & Clean Room

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A cleanroom is a controlled environment where products are manufactured. It is a room in which the concentration of airborne particles is controlled to specified limits. Eliminating sub-micron airborne contamination is really a process of control. These contaminants are generated by people, process, facilities and equipment. They must be continually removed from the air. The level to which these particles need to be removed depends upon the standards required. Strict rules and procedures are followed to prevent contamination of the product.

The only way to control contamination is to control the total environment. Air flow rates and direction, pressurization, temperature, humidity and specialized filtration all need to be tightly controlled. And the sources of these particles need to controlled or eliminated whenever possible. There is more to a clean room than air filters. Cleanrooms are planned and manufactured using strict protocol and methods. They are frequently found in electronics, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical device industries and other critical manufacturing environments.

We classify Clean Room in to two broad categories; Operation Theatres and Pharma -Biomedical.

Modular OTs

In Operation theatres we undertake turnkey installations such as Laminar flow, Pendants, Lighting and ceiling. In Modular OT we do the complete design, engineering, laminar flow, return -air risers, anti static flooring, Pendants, Lighting Gas piping and control valves and complete control panel comprising BMS. We can undertake any class of clean room from Class 1Lakh to Class 100

  • PU/ PUF / Bio Clad Walls – Anti Microbial / Anti Fungal / Anti BActerial
  • PU / Epoxy / Tarkette/ Vinyl Flooring – Anti Microbial / Anti Fungal / Anti BActerial / Anti-static
  • Laminar Floor + HEPA filters
  • RA Risers / Active & Passive Pass Boxes
  • Hands Free / Automatic Doors
  • MGPS / AGSS Lines & Systems
  • Vacuum / Oxygen / Ventilator Lines & Systems
  • Pendants – Ceiling / Floor / With Monitors & BMS
  • 3L Lux Touch free 180 deg Swivel Lighting
  • Air Showers / Air Curtains / Hand Free Scrub
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We strictly adhere to NABH / ASHRAE / JCI specs and we also undertake testing, validation & Certification

In the Pharma-Biomedical sector we do clean rooms for any application from manufacturing, process, research, storing to re-use and re-cycle. We also do food grade FDA approved dust collectors which are made of pure stainless-steel. We also design manufacture, install and maintain pharma dust collectors for re-use, vent and discard purposes.

In all projects we strictly comply with NABH, FDA & ASHRAE regulations and guidelines.


Medical oxygen Grade MGPS, AGSS Ventilator and Vacuum Lines

Supply & Installation

Isolation Ward

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