Refrigeration & Cold Room

Agriculture, Horticulture & Floriculture

We provide cold storage solutions for all types of facilities including Multi Produce, Palletized, Pre-Cooling Rooms, Control Environment Storage, Banana Ripening facility, Potato cold storage, modular cold rooms and Ice cream & dairy products. We also provide Cold Chain Solutions (farm to produce) as in, Grading, Sorting, Ripening & CA Rooms


In the Dairy Sector we turnkey installations for BMC, Dairy Plants, Walk-In Chillers, Freezers, Blast Freezers, Incubators & Bulk Cold Storage

We aslo provide complete & Wholesome Storage, Display & POS Chest Freezers, Chillers, Visi-Coolers for Dairy, Chocolates, Icecream & Cold Beverages

Sea Food

We have a huge presence in Seafood processing, packing & Storage

We provide solutions in transportation from sea by Dry ICe to processing & Packing by IQF and up to  Bulk Storage

We also provide Material Handling, Display & POS material & Super Market Refrigeration products for Sea Food

Dairy Equipment

IQF – Seafood

Spiral Plant IQF Freezer

What We Do:

  • We have deep expertise in end to end execution of cold chain facilities.
  • Our professional experience lies in all areas of cold chain operations – such as design, supply, installation & commissioning, operations.
  • Our capability is based on our collective knowledge and technology partnerships with leading international cold chain product suppliers, solution providers.

Our Service Commitment

  • As a team, our collective goal is to build lasting relationships with our customers. Our sales and service team acts as an ambassador of Arctic Refrigeration, taking complete ownership from inception to completion of the project.
  • We take pride in serving our customers 24 X 7. Our people demonstrate highest level of professional excellence and continuously innovate to build robust refrigeration solutions for our customers.
  • Our leadership is committed to keep a culture of service excellence which is benchmarked with International standards.



Our Solution and Service Offerings

Turnkey Solutions

Consulting, conceptualization, planning, design & budgeting

Material Supply, Installation & Commissioning of complete Turn Key construction project including

Civil works, PEB structure, electrical systems, refrigeration systems, IQF, Ripening Units, Truck Refrigeration System & other customized solution as per customer requirements

Cold Chain Refrigeration

Material Supply, Installation & Commissioning including;

Prefab Panels, Automated/Manualsliding/swing Door, CA Doors, High CFM & Humidity Slim/Cubic type indoor units, Industrial Evaporators/Systems, Racking, sorting, grading & washing line

Compressor Racks, Microprocessors Controllers, Condensing Units Internal Lacking/Mezzanine, Bins for Storage, Docking levelers, shelters and overhead sectional doors

Air Coole/Water Cooled Condensers, Pre-engineering Building Structure etc.

Quality Monitoring

Quality Monitoring Solution Implementation for cold chain network such as Ware House Management System, Transport Management System including;

Identifying the quality of perishable items

Timely identification of spoilage, and its causes

Monitor the temperature and Humidity and the shelf life of various perishable items at respective stage of the cold chain.

Product Offering

We provide complete range of refrigeration products for cold storage facility including;

Industrial Evaporators

  • Suitable for High Ambient
  • Quick Pull down
  • Low Power consumption
  • Hermetic, Semi Hermetic , Scroll, Screw Compressor Condensing Unit.
  • Low noise
  • High CFM, High Air Throw
  • Fan Dia 300mm to 800mm.
  • Works in range of 20 ͦC to -40 ͦ C
  • Low Power Consumption
  • External Rotor Fans

Sorting Grading, Ripening and CA Rooms

Fruits and Vegetables

Optical and Manual

Flower Processing